Ben Bartlett, Berkeley City Council District 3

Thank you for electing me! 

I am humbled by the opportunity to serve my community. 

As a Berkeley native, I am inspired by the people of Berkeley who have worked hard to create this progressive community. My dedication to public service is simply an act of gratitude to pay it back and pay it forward--to them and to the future generations. 

Berkeley, like most places, has a growing gap between Opportunity and Affordability, and a deepening conflict between Prosperity and Sustainability. These are the issues of our times. It will take Vision, Ethics and Courage to solve them. I intend to work with my community to make smart policies to bridge the gap and inspire the country. 

Please go to my official City of Berkeley webpage for more information about District 3 and the City of Berkeley. Please subscribe to my mailing list to receive regular updates from my staff.